Hand Felted Soap

Hand Felted Soap

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In an effort to continue on our journey of reducing waste, I was presented with the problem of perfectly good soap - GREAT soap even - that was/is not Instagram worthy.  Being that we are almost entirely online, everything has to be posted on every possible outlet, to ensure people can see it.  SO.  I save it.  ALL OF IT.  And it consumes storage space in my house, because I cannot bear to toss it.

Enter, an image in my feed of felted soap.  IN.  LOVE.

These bars are all leftover from the super popular Spring Rose batch (sold out for some time now).  Felted in beautiful, natural, HAND DYED (um - obviously supporting other small businesses and creators) wool roving. THIS WOOL IS NOT YOUR GRANDMA'S WOOL - It is SO INSANELY SOFT.

Benefits of Felted Soap:

` Gentle exfoliation

` Luxurious lather - produced faster than naked soap

` Much easier to hold/grip than naked soap

` Lasts two to three times longer 

` Antimicrobial (unlike a plastic spongey thing you get for $0.50)

` The felt shrinks as you use the soap, so the PRETTY PART STAYS!!

There are so many more, but I'm already rambling.  I also added some inspirational words to these because sometimes, a subtle reminder that you are beautiful and amazing is all you need to turn your frown, upside down.