Simply Soap

Simply Soap



Simply Soap was my first creative breakthrough. She unleashed all the potential this soap base recipe could have and while I could go on for days, I'll get to the point. 

No colorants. No additives. Only pure, handmade, vegan, soap - scented gently with pure sweet orange essential oil. The hint of sweet orange mixed with the purity of the soap base create a soft, creamy orange fragrance, perfect for everyday freshness.

All our bars start with our signature base of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and castor oil, saponified with pure sodium hydroxide. This bar is fragranced with ONLY pure essential oils.

Every soap bar is made and poured by hand. Actual bar may look different than pictures as the swirls and variations are unique to each bar, colors may differ slightly based on batch. 

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