Here's the thing, I can't make everything.  Well, I could, but it wouldn't be as amazing as if it was made by someone who truly LOVES to make that thing. Plus, I want you all to have the most amazing products you can. The only way to do that, in my opinion, is to find those people and partner with them to bring their passion to you.

I have found a new passion for searching, finding, and working with these other makers. I can spend hours looking for one product, researching a particular Maker's work, and becoming totally fascinated by their craft. There is something special about products a person physically created; something that makes that item altogether a little more enchanting than the rest.


The fact is that well constructed, handmade items are higher quality. The benefit of a Bath Tea that has hand selected, carefully researched ingredients, is so much greater than something you might purchase at a large retail store. Creating a clean burning candle, that burns evenly takes craftmanship and years of dedication. Each new partner we work with has a unique story worth listening to. I try to make absolutely sure to include as many links to their stores, websites, and social media that I can. You should follow them.  They are so worth it.



Small Batch, Botanical Goods to Encourage Whole Living

@slownorth on Facebook and Instagram

 Freeborn Apothecary

Encouraging Holistic Health, Optimum Wellness, and Superior Self Care since 2018

@freebornapothecary on Instagram

Etsy Shop: Here

 CharlieRose Company

Hand poured, clean burning, soy candles.

@charlierosecompany on Instagram & Facebook

Etsy Shop: Here


Amazing custom graphic design work, printables, and custom invites! She does all the design work for The Sudsy Swarm!

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