It may shock you, but we have a lot of soap here. It's all perfectly wonderful and totally great, but for one reason or another, it's not good enough for the store. In some cases, it actually was part of the store, but then it's time was up, so I take it down. Holiday themed soaps, for example, lead a very short shop life around here... but what do we do with it? 

We keep some of it for personal use, but most of it gets donated to our favorite local Food Pantry. Each and every sale we make here, helps me to continue to donate soap to The Online Food Pantry - a service that allows people to select what items they need online, without have to go in person. Every single day this group fights against food waste - a serious problem in our country - and redistribute what would otherwise be thrown away to those people who genuinely need it. They are a wonderful group and they legitimately serve our community.


Please take a moment to follow them on their Facebook page, visit their website, and donate if you can.