The Sudsy Swarm is a WEIRD Name

The Sudsy Swarm is a WEIRD Name
How did this become a thing?  Where did we get that weird name?  Why doesn't my coffee pot just know when and how to refill itself?  I can't answer all those questions, but I will try to answer the first two.

Oh my WORD you guys I am SO EXCITED to be here.  I could just throw up I'm so excited... but I won't cause that's gross.... BUT I COULD.  Anyways... What in the Wiley Coyote is this whole Sudsy Swarm business anyways??

The SWARM is what we call our kids - not only because it's hilarious since there are five of them, but also because when we descend upon a place, the similarities between us and a swarm of bees is innumerable.  There are a few reasons that stand out, like the confusion and noise, or the fact that if you swat at them there is a very good chance they'll swat (**cough** or bite **cough cough** in the case of the littlest one) back, but mostly because they run in a pack.  Regardless of their vast age difference, they always seem to stick together.  [Insert collective AWWWWWW] 

Each letter also represents a child by their name - an acronym, if you will.  You know how we use DIY to represent Do It Yourself?  Their names spell out SWARM.  Clearly, fate was very much at work with our family.

Sudsy feels obvious, but just in case, we make soap here and soap makes suds or bubbles.  BAM!!  The Sudsy Swarm was born.

People have been making handmade soap forever (seriously …. way before the internet even).  It has only recently become something "fancy" or "upscale."  Everyone's grandma or great grandma knew how to make soap in their home and on their stove - until the last couple generations were born and radio/TV took over changing the way we do things indefinitely.  So why, then, does it appear that soapmakers market their products up as "spa essentials" or "luxury soap bars" when really, to us, soap is a basic need?  There's no proof to this, but it seems like everything that isn't made by a machine is considered a luxury.  We don't have time today to talk about Will Smith's iRobot movie where technology takes over everything, but we do know that it costs half the price for a machine to make twice as much as what a person can make.... but then double to ship it all over the country.  When a person makes something by hand, it is almost always significantly higher quality, and in many cases is the same price as the machine made (ickier) product from halfway around the world.  An organic carrot purchased from your local Farmers' Market might cost the same, slightly more or less, but it wasn't harvested until it was ready to be eaten... it wasn't sprayed with Monsanto and it's probably still the color God intended it to be vs. a spayed on wax or dye. 

Every single person deserves to bathe chemical free.  Everyone.  I shouldn't be forced to eat food that's bad for me because that's all I can afford, and given that your skin is your biggest organ, you shouldn't have to bathe in something bad for you either because you can get 20 bars for $11....I'm looking at you with the shamrock on your box...

Shortly after we moved into the Georgia house.

When my kids were born, my "I have to do better" switch was flipped, and we started living better in general.  It seemed to cost A LOT more... to be healthier.... which still makes no sense to me.  I had about 5 million other things to worry about, and I really could have done without the list of chemicals on my family's body wash.  So, I have donated, and will continue to donate to our local food pantries for this very reason.  Honestly, continuing to be able to donate chemical free soap locally is actually the reason the official business got off the ground.  A portion of every sale goes towards soap to donate.  

I work at my real job lot.  (Yes, I have a job besides this job... GASP!)  Like all the time.  I don't have to do this, but I love it.  I love that I can make something with my hands that people love and want.  I love that I can share this with people who might not be able to afford it right now because of a gazillion reasons.  I love that I can take the stuff the Earth gave us, mix it up a little, pour (or sometimes plop) it in a mold, and be left with something that is proven to be better for you than the mass produced cheap stuff.  

Hopefully, you guys will stick around for the ride.  We're doing something kinda great over here and it's probably going to be fun (or funny...) to watch.