Soaps for SHAVING too??!

Soaps for SHAVING too??!
ALL of our soaps can also be used for shaving....each and every one of them will leave you smooth and moisturized.  

We have a full house over here. There's my husband and I, five kids, three dogs, two cats and two birds... not including my in-laws and their dog who live downstairs. Between school, work, activities, and general existing, there is always something to do/clean/work on here.  Always..... [whispers] always.  

There is also the fact that my husband and I work from home, which means that days could go by without me leaving the house.    It's SO.GREAT.  I really love not leaving.  I feel like I have plenty on my never ending list of to-tos and so, I have exactly zero reasons to go anyplace that might make that list any longer.  In fact, moms, in general, spend a lot of time trying to make that list shorter.


Being a working mom and having zero extra time goes hand in hand, the same as peanut butter and chocolate.   Anyplace you can shave off a little time, you take it. (See what I did there with the SHAVE pun??)  Multitaskers are a mom's best friend.  Kids' cups that also hold snacks?  Sold.  Cleaner that I can use on the countertops, fridge, stove AND floors?  Definitely.  

When I got my very first soap making book, there was a chapter on "Shaving Soaps."  To my surprise, almost the whole chapter was about the fact that shaving cream - that foaming stuff that comes in a aerosol can - is fairly recent.  Barbasol wasn't invented until 1919 - and it was the first of it's kind.  Until then, everyone shaved with a soap bar.  [Insert dramatic pause.]

ALL of our soaps can also be used for shaving.  Ultimately, only the best will get marketed that way, but each and every one of them will leave you smooth and moisturized.  

Mind. Blown.  

The secret weapon is the glycerin that is present in homemade soap, that gets removed from so many commercial brands (when they take it out - they can sell it back to you as shaving cream or body wash and make twice as much).  In addition to the skin loving glycerin, most handmade soap makers add additional skin happy butter and oils to their recipes.  This is called "super-fatting."  More on this another time, but this is how we get to add the additional moisture/nutrients to our soaps that get left behind for your skin to absorb.  It's AWESOME.



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