Change is Coming!!

Things have been a smidge quiet on the Sudsy front lately.  I have had some success at a couple events, online, and frankly, things were happening a bit faster than I could manage with everything else that's already going on in our life.  So, we took a break to focus.  

I gotta say, where things ended up is not at all where I planned they would.  It is peculiar for someone like me to be in a 'beauty/skincare/self care' business.  Those of you out there that know me personally, are very aware that I typically can't be bothered to put on makeup, and the thought of me with a skincare ROUTINE likely has my friends laughing hysterically.  As every other working  mom out there can attest to, we do not stop moving from the moment we get out of bed, until we get back into bed.  Skincare happens during the 7 minute shower we get hopefully everyday [pause for laughter]...every other day.  I bank on the fact that since I don't add anything bad to my skin, it won't fall off before my kids are grown.


I have zero time for myself and if I did, I would chose to sit.  Quietly.  Alone.  I am not going to wander into our bathroom to do anything other than pee and brush my teeth.  So what on God's Earth am I doing making soap??  It's a legit question.  One that had me stumped honestly.

Kids.  Kids are dirty.  Kids smell and very often, it's not totally clear why.  I firmly believe that if left to make their own decisions, ALL young children would live outside.  I called my first child Mowgli (from the Jungle Book) for all of her toddler years.  My youngest step child is the same, and our littlest couldn't be more pleased to join them both out there.  They never want to come in.  They roll around in the dirt and God knows what else until they are forced to come inside and pretend to be civilized... which they are not, by the way.

The other funny thing about kids is, that regardless of exposing themselves to every substance known to man before the age of two, their skin is incredibly sensitive.  With my first, it was so bad that in the course of a workday, what could have been a mosquito bite or heat rash would grow to the size of a golf ball and abscess.  This started my journey to more natural, chemical free, skincare.  For her.

This same child, who will rash up just thinking about Banana Boat sunscreen, will literally apply anything to her face if it could potentially somehow kinda sorta resemble makeup.  Acne cream?  That's foundation..  Chapstick?  Blush.  Some kinda weird glitter pen that was likely made from gasoline and red dye #7 that was probably given to us in a goody bag three years ago?  Obviously, eye shadow.    Nail polish remover get's paint off bathroom mirrors in case you need that.  So, in an effort to provide her something besides the fragrance free, chemical/additive free, dye free, paraben free infant line of lotions and bath products that cost $20 a bottle - I started to teach myself how to make some things.  

Fast forward to our mini Sudsy break and me asking myself, what in the world am I doing?  Who am I marketing TO?  Who should buy this stuff?  Honestly, I didn't have a good answer - till now.  


So, bear with us for a couple weeks and all will reveal itself.  We will be coming out with a whole new line of products.  A line that everyone in your family can use.  A line that multitasks when it needs to [flashback to that 7 minute shower], and still providing that spa like luxury for those special times of the year you get a twenty minute shower (AKA your birthday and Mother's Day).  I am excited.  I am refreshed.  And I finally feel like I have some direction.