New Year, New Soaps

We didn't really market gift sets, stocking stuffers, or any specific product for the holidays that just passed, but we will NOT be left out of Valentine's Day and - if you ask me - the MOST IMPORTANT HOLIDAY OF THE WHOLE YEAR, Mother's Day!  Given that my focus for this business has been family in general, these upcoming special days are a real target for us.

We already have a custom order in for a baby shower (we do favors for these AND weddings) for this first quarter, but past that, my goal is to stock up big time in the next few weeks.  I am not a huge fan of products... wait - who am I kidding, we are not big or popular enough to STOCK products that are specific to one holiday.  Anything that doesn't sell would essentially have to be thrown away, or put on clearance moments after that holiday is over to get rid of them because I will not sell them a year later (*** they definitely will NOT go bad - handmade soap lasts basically forever, but I don't want it to have dust/dents/imperfections***).  SOOOO, while that might feel limiting creatively, my husband tells me that it's fiscally responsible.  Since he has, thus far, ensured that I do not spend every last dime we have without realizing it swiping plastic cards at every opportunity, I am forced to trust him on that one.

I think you can expect to see lots of pinks, golds, maybe some red (although I'm a little "redded out" this close to Christmas), some floral scents, sweet scents, and overall typically "girly" things in the coming months.  So please watch for those on Facebook and Instagram.  My daughter is over the moon excited about anything "girly" in case you were wondering, and is hoping I create something we can mark down as something for the "kids focused" line that is our DREAM.

My intent has always been to create things that everyone in your family can use (if they want), at a reasonable cost.  Something everyone can afford, that lasts a while, that you can feel good about using (ie earth friendly) AND paying shipping for in most cases (um hello I order every single thing on Amazon cause I don't have to pay shipping).  Adding "spa type" focused products add cost, take up space, and often require way more packaging than the recyclable paper band I wrap my soap bars in. 

That being said, there is NO ONE MORE DESERVING OF LUXURY THAN YOUR MOTHER, and if you are a mother, YOU. 

Let's be honest, the only place you can hide from your kids is the bathroom, or the pantry - but I haven't started to learn the regulations about preparing and selling FOOD, so let's stick with bathroom for now.  If you are like me, and you're stuck in your bathroom, barely breathing behind the locked door hoping they won't find you, OR you stay up into the wee hours of the morning simply so you can be alone for a while, you might as well treat yourself to something that smells and feels amazing amiright?

I am looking so forward to these special days, and I hope you will stay tuned to see what we put out there.