Who we are.

  • New Year, New Soaps

    My intent has always been to create things that everyone in your family can use (if they want), at a reasonable cost...I think you can expect to see lots of pinks, golds, maybe some red (although I'm a little "redded out" this close to Christmas), some floral scents, sweet scents, and overall typically "girly" things in the coming months.

  • Everyday We're Hustlin'...

    I have been working really hard to spread the word about our products locally.  We are blessed enough to live in an area that really values small businesses and people who create goods by hand.  You may have seen the announcement about securing a spot with The Funky Shack...
  • Change is Coming!!

    Fast forward to our mini Sudsy break and me asking myself, what in the world am I doing?  Who am I marketing TO?  Who should buy this stuff?  Honestly, I didn't have a good answer - till now.  
  • Soaps for SHAVING too??!

    ALL of our soaps can also be used for shaving....each and every one of them will leave you smooth and moisturized.  
  • The Sudsy Swarm is a WEIRD Name

    How did this become a thing?  Where did we get that weird name?  Why doesn't my coffee pot just know when and how to refill itself?  I can't answer all those questions, but I will try to answer the first two.