To Fragrance, or Not to Fragrance...

To Fragrance, or Not to Fragrance...
When I finally picked myself up off the floor, I decided we were going unscented until I could figure this whole thing out.  Our Oat Milk & Honey bar was born, and remains our Best Seller to this very day.

I like to watch True Crime shows at night.  Since every TV in our house is blasting cartoons, YouTube, or video games all the live long day, at night, when I finally retire to our bedroom, there’s nothing better than a story about catching the bad guy.  Lately, I have been trying to change it up a little to add a docuseries or two about nature, food, or environmental wellness.  Somehow, Netflix suggested Stink - a documentary about the chemicals used in fragrances. UM.  YES PLEASE.

Nobody freak out, I’m not about to get all crunchy on everyone, but I did think it was a good time to talk about what I choose to use in our products.  

Did you know, that companies do NOT have to list the ingredients of a fragrance or perfume?  It’s considered proprietary information, and they don’t even have to tell the consumer who is breathing it in, and probably putting it all over their skin.  When I finally picked myself up off the floor, I decided we were going unscented until I could figure this whole thing out.  Our Oat Milk & Honey bar was born, and remains our Best Seller to this very day.

Originally, I set out only to use essential oils.  The problem with that plan, is the cost.  One of the core reasons I do this, is because I was outraged (like legit worked up) by the cost of our "more natural" options at the store.  This item is supposed to have LESS ingredients, but it costs MORE?  Not to mention that you inevitably got a smaller amount of whatever product, and the dang thing was still loaded with preservatives.  It made no sense.  When we are talking about bathing - a basic need - every single person should be able to bathe chemical free.  Period.  I should not have to choose between something that will not make my skin break out, and one of the meals in my shopping cart.  [end rant]

We still use essential oils in some of our products, and an occasional soap.  There is just something about the essential oil smell that you cannot replace.  For items like lip balms and bath salts, we use essential oils.  I can ensure that all the amazing benefits, in addition to their beautiful fragrance, remain in these products.  When you put essential oils through the saponification process, I can’t say with certainty that those benefits remain, and therefore it’s hard to add that extra cost sometimes.

So what do we do? Because scent and fragrance is a big deal in bath products - especially for moms in my opinion (it’s nice not to smell like poopy diapers, boy gym socks, or the ever dreaded unemptied lunch box).  LUCKILY, I am not the first person to have this problem.  The suppliers I order from sell fragrances that all adhere to the Prop 65 regulation in California.  More details posted here but the gist of it is that they cannot use chemicals that are known to cause cancer, birth defects, or any reproductive issues.  The list of chemicals on this list is over 900 items long!!  

Does this mean that these fragrances are “all natural?”  No.  But it does mean that they are regulated and the ingredients do not cause harm.  I also only purchase fragrances that are phthalate free - trying to ensure that all the “stuff” we know is bad for us, isn’t in there.

Since I have a personal understanding of why someone might not want this type of fragrance in their bath products, we have several items that are either totally unscented, or only have essential oils added.  For those people that love the stronger, or more unique fragrances, I use reputable suppliers, who adhere to the strongest fragrance regulations in our country.  

Fragrance and essential oils are by far my most expensive ingredients, but it’s worth it in the end to know for sure that their quality matches the quality of everything else we use.  When I say, “From Our Hive, to Yours” - I mean it.  Each one of our items is used by my family in some way or another - so you are getting items that are good enough for my kids.  Hopefully, that means as much to you, as it does to me.