Salty Soaks Are Totally Worth It

The Story:

Can we be honest with each other for a moment?  We’re friends like that, right?  I personally thought bath salts were all a joke.  Like WHO has time to even take a bath?  Let me just squeeze that in between working full time, momming full time, life drama, family drama, meal planning, REMOTE LEARNING, and just enough basic housework so that I don’t end up on an episode of Hoarders.  If I don’t sleep, I can definitely squeeze some self care in then, but I’m not sure that’s the point of Self Care AND I think my coffee maker would hate me.  

No matter how many times I brushed away the Bath Salts images on my IG feed, they kept showing up.  Then they were showing up in the small mom and pop business pages that I follow, and THEN by the start up soapers like me.  So now I’m all, “Is this something real people use?  Or are we just supposed to look at these on IG?”  I shimmied on over to my trusty Google app and entered, “who has time to use bath salts.”


Google never lets me down.  Insert months of Google research on Bath Salts, countless conversations with small business owner friends, random messages on IG to people selling Bath Salts, ingredient sourcing as well as pricing, and a handful of posts to my favorite Mom Groups on FB.  I feel fairly confident that I know more about taking a salty bath now than I ever even considered existed.  If I can no longer tie my own shoes, it’s because the Bath Salts info took over the space in my brain where that skill previously lived.  

Right out of the gate, it was obvious to me that even those people who didn’t have time to soak in a tub, were finding ways to use their Bath Salts in the shower.  Interesting.  Are we just using up something someone gave us for a birthday 6 years ago because we feel bad?  Or more likely, because we like the jar and want to use it for something else?  Apparently not.  Apparently, these folks liked their salts so much, they shifted them to the shower when life was too busy.  Others, added it to their Self Care routines (**add create a Self Care Routine to my To Do list pronto).  This was not just happening in the “I’m single and keep up with all the trends cause I have time for that” groups, these articles were showing up in my entrepreneur groups, mom groups, as well as my natural living type groups. 

Salty Bonuses:

Besides the fact that there is a clear interest, people were raving about clear benefits as well.  Aromatherapy aside, because who can argue happy scents and relaxing aromas, people were reporting significant improvement to sore muscles (or tired feet when used in foot soaks), healthier/happier skin, REDUCED INSOMNIA AND DECREASED STRESS.  Um, what?  A salty soak can help me SLEEP?  SIGN. ME. UP.

Now that I’m on the bandwagon, we are starting with a couple adult focused essential oils and fragrances, but if this takes off, we will definitely add a few traditional type spa fragrances as well.  I mentioned a smidge earlier that they can be used in the shower, but they are also being used regularly during foot soaks (if anyone here needs a pedicure, it’s definitely me), in a bowl of steamy water to relieve congestion, to help heal bruises by creating a salty compress, AND as a scrub to help exfoliate stubborn dry skin!  So in addition to the traditional salty soak, which as a reminder is totally worth it if you have the time and the means, there are TONS of other ways to use them too!  

Our Bath Salts are also BUBBLING because why not, right?  The bubbles help to really enhance the fragrances and aromatherapy experience, but also dissolve the salts by dancing them around your bath water.  Our single use tubes measure in at about half a cup of bubbling awesomeness containing a house blend of European Spa Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt and the ever popular (for good reason) Epsom Salt.  Our Strawberry Lemonade version also contains dried Calendula petals for color and calming.  

All in all I am definitely hooked, and trying to get past feeling like I have been missing out on this my entire adult life.  No matter how few minutes you have in the day, taking a handful of those for yourself can really improve your mood and reduce your stress.  It may not seem worth it, but there’s a lot out there on the world wide web that indicates even a few minutes can have benefits.  [Insert mom face and wagging finger.]  Prioritize yourself!!  You deserve it. 

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