NEW STUFF, Just In Time for the Holidays!

NEW STUFF, Just In Time for the Holidays!

I am embarrassed to even admit I am thinking about the holidays … it’s not even Halloween yet!!  Still, when your soaps have to cure for at least 4 weeks, you kinda have to plan ahead.  During the weeks when supplies were super hard to come by, I was researching all kinds of new ingredients.  I can’t tell you everything, but we have so much great stuff to add to our product lines, I couldn’t keep it all to myself!!


Lip balms are like belly buttons, everyone has one and for the most part, there are two kinds.  Tins or sticks.  While I haven’t decided exactly how ours will be packaged, it’s safe to say we are going to add this staple as well.  

The problem with lip balms for me, as a former hardcore Chapstick adict, is that I have never come across a recipe that I really loved.  Somehow, after a while they were either grainy, or too hard, but we kept at it!  Balm Bonus: They aren’t just for lips!!  We are still working on our formula, but rest assured, we will have something to stuff those stockings.


Only a few people know this, but bath bombs and I have a very long - and VERY JADED - past.  It has been my personal experience that bath bombs are incredibly fickle.  They need to dry for a very specific amount of time, in very dry air, all the planets need to be aligned just so, and if your scale is even considering flashing that Low Battery light, everything will fall to pieces.  Many many people in this world have no problem whatsoever with bath bombs.  I am not one of those people.

Research, ingredient sourcing, and finally COACHING were required, but I have something that behaves the way you would expect, with the added Sudsy Swarm benefit of reasonable cost for amazing value.



This is my most favorite item to talk about.  Anyone who has recently seen any of our posts on Facebook or Instagram is not shocked by this part, but I can’t help it.  The goal is single use, package free (besides what I need to get it to you), super cute, hand soaps that can sit out for people to use.

Imagine, for just 3 seconds, how great it would be if your kids WANTED to wash their hands after using the bathroom...  Or after coming in from outside...  Or before eating...  Not like your 3 year old who will play in the running water endlessly, ensuring you have no money for their college fund left at the end of the month. Like your 7 or 8 year old who needs to get back to video games or insta-chatting or whatever else they’re freaking out about now.  PLUS ECO FRIENDLY OMG.  [deep breath]  These. Are. Awesome.


While we have had these posted on the store for some time, they’re still worth noting here I think.  Once I learned about the benefits, and that these are actually USED by real people, not just the childless individuals with ample free time, I was in.  I was certain I could do it better and cheaper, and honestly, I think we did.  We have an excellent blend, that provides a number of benefits, including reducing muscle soreness and aromatherapy that can help with anxiety and insomnia.  

Self Care is at the top of many To Do lists, but is often still overlooked.  The more we learn about it, the more important it seems to be.  Bath salts on their own, fizzing bath salts (that help to aerate the fragrance), and milk baths have been used throughout history.  These are not new, it’s just one more thing that has faded away with modern times.  


I am so excited for this holiday season - THRILLED for Black Friday (hint hint) - and very simply, proud of myself for extending my reach into these new products.  Stay tuned for more fun stuff to come!!